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Valuation that you’re doing so trusted advisor should always be doing it and so what’s the tip here to make sure that you don’t get caught through the wrong advice risk and that asks lots of questions you know came armed with all strong questions around experience performance and if they can ask to answer the question logically if response that they give you is not logical and it’s not covered in gobbledygook and all these mixed messages or it’s too macro and it’s not micro you know.

I hear plenty of peoplesaying¬†Independent property valuers Melbourne¬†I went to school going in herewe’re going to eventually a train linegoing in here and there one day will bea supermarket and a big shopping centeryeah yeah you know that’s not convincingfor me you know that’s that’s not lostpilation it’s speculation so it’simportant that you know you’ve heard atop on before about the big spruikersthe ones that set up the productionworkshops and bring you along and youknow tell you that they’re going to workin your best interest but there.

If you have IPregistered and if you don’t have halfmillion dollars to take someone to courtthat its of no use basically it’s inthis industry if you find out that yourpuppy sometimes it’s really enough toget a lawyer or to draft a letter andit’s called a letter of demand or other-bit someone to draft that letter ofdemand to basically say.

They ‘ve got stock whatever it may be this is oneabout getting into the minutia of theadvisors that you’re working with andtesting them on all the different levelsI love the way you put it if you can’texplain the topic simply that not wellenough so they should be able to dumb itdown to whatever level you need for itto be understood I understand there’sdifferent pictures that you need to doand freakonomics it’s a book by Lebanonand dubner I think levy and dubner andthey say the economics is just the studyof human incentives so you need tounderstand how your advisors gettingpaid if they’re getting paidfee-for-service % income from youversus they’re getting paid from aproduct and it’s okay whatever it is butbut know that baseline information toprotect you from this risk goodbecause I mean we you watch a CurrentAffair you watch today tonight all thosetypes of shows are four corners sevenwhatever it may be and you see theinnocent mum and dad who were sittingthere and they say oh we just trusted the.

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Property your heart’s content and that’s a good thing and garage jobs and so forth you can even buy an existing property if you plan to bowl what ever build something yet because that’s all about the going jobs for builders and chippies and Sparty’s and alike I think it’s a good comment to lay some of the fears becauseI’ve had recently been asked to comments about what I think about foreign investors in and I think one of the reasons Malcolm Turnbull’s come in and his credentials probably second because.

I don’t get overly political auger to be honest um you know one side versus the other better given that he’s going investment banking Sydney Property Valuersbackground you some-you know hugely successful in his downright i think that abundance thinking is a good thing for the economy and really we’re going to look for other opportunities to get economic growth in this country because resource is down and we’ve got to still provided jobs I think um foreign investments in our country as long they abide by the rules I said as a positive thing so if you’re listening-Malcolm just a couple of tips it’s not all about the big end of town either nice look after.

The small businesses because we both work in small business and we employ people yes but yet all was looking forward to seeing some more direction in terms of economic output there are some challenges ahead some headwinds for the broader economy so hopefully you can get in there Andy’s new team can do the job I donut think it’s fair to say that he’s the only sort of staying in the eastern suburbs-because I think I’ve recently seen as far west as Randwick I do get into Westeros Iran weeks not got technically the West it’s more sort of well its just as well it’s just not Bronte they so it is his conquest anyway we digress lot east I I thought we’d we’ve laid if anyone’s listening.