Responsible for a Valuation Budget? 10 Terrible Ways to Spend Your Money

Indicative valuations which are obviously perfect for a particular user so you know i would say getting an understanding of not just the current that the potential value of your IP and also the value implications of alternative strategies can be hugely important at an early stage but often.

House Evaluation

that’s more kind of order of magnitude really you know we’re not saying is it worth a specific amount but saying wellis it likely to be worth a small amount quite a big amount or-or higher amount or if we comparing strategies it’s really that relativity you know one strategy is worth more going to generated presumably you would want to audit a.

A different point in time then we yes yeah so it’s an audit may be too strong a word but so certainly certainly review that the other important thing we find is that whole process of understanding the market and the technology and-and-and, the-the competitors and so on it’s kind of real stuff that the business owner should know about and think about butts there sometimes too caught up in developing what.

They think is fantastic and it’s once you start identifying thoseĀ property valuer qualifications factors that they do get brought into the strategy you do start perhaps identifying certain milestones or you might say well actually getting to market soon is essential if we go it alone it’s going to take us two years to.

Get to market maybe we can do a joint venture and we can get to market in six times six months we might have a small equity stake but it’s going to be it going to be better so I think they ‘re having that I always call it a line of sight or visibility rarely betweenbetween what you’re trying to do and what the value outcomes might be scenario valuations.